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Artisan Tamaioasa Dry 2018

Artisan Tamaioasa Dry 2018

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Artisan-serien er en serie dedikeret til rumænske varianter specifikke for regionen Dealu Mare. Vinen er produceret af druer fra tamaioasa romaneasca variteten som kun findes i Rumænien. Disse vine bærer præg og personlighed af designeren Aurelia Visinescu. Derfor forsøger de ikke at stræbe efter perfektion eller standarder, eller at immitere et stillestående motiv, men er derimod vin med liv, sjæl og identitet.
Denne vin har en smuk strågul farve, med en bouquet af roser og basilikum, samt nuancer af pærer og moden abrikos. Derudover er smagen en eksplosion af aromaer, herunder overvejende røgelse, rød grapefrugt og fersken.

Smag: Blomster og frugt


Går godt sammen med: Oste og stærk mad


Alkohol: 13,5%


Producent: Aurelia Visinescu

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ARTISAN Tamaioasa Romaneasca DRY



Wine Style



Pale lemon


Intense flavours of elderflower, peaches and ripe pears.


The taste is emphasized by an explosion of aromas from incense to pink grapefruit.

Food pairings

Best served with Asian, Lebanese, Indian food, well cooled at 8-10°C.

Alcohol vol.



Dealurile Munteniei IG


The grapes are destemmed and slightly crushed, followed by 6 – 8 hours of skin contact in the closed press at 8˚C. Clear fee run juice has been inoculated with a neutral yeast and alcoholic fermentation occurs in stainless steel during a period of 14 days at a controlled temperature of about 13-14 °C.

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“A single glass of wine can reveal more than a story; my winemaking history begins with the love of nature. When you nourish love, passion and respect for the vineyard, you are able to bring out the very best from the vines which will be then reflected within the glass.

This love carried me to the New World, where winemaking was undertaken with innovation and the latest scientific research. During the 27 years that have passed since I finished wine school, I have focused my continued education in chemistry and microbiology with a particular emphasis on the taste and smell – the vital elements for the creation of good wines. Over the years, my passion for wine has developed along with my constant dream that I would one day cultivate my own vineyard. That day has arrived and my dream has become reality.

At Sahateni, I rely on people who have dedicated their lives to working in the vineyards. Here we make wine for those like us, who skilfully do their job with rigor and passion, people who know their goals. We don’t fabricate a perfect, sweet story without foundation or claim to have the secret knowledge of wine.

Good wine depends on the grace of nature, but evolves thanks to the skill and passion of the viticulturists and winemakers. Wine is what we offer you at our best, every year, from our cellar.

This is my belief and it can be found in each and every bottle of wine I make.”

Aurelia Vișinescu

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