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Jidvei Mousserende Extra Dry

Jidvei Mousserende Extra Dry

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Sprudlende, charmerende, raffineret, mousserende vin er udtryk for en særlig frihed og glæde, der findes både i store præstationer og i enkle ting. I mere end 60 år har Jidvei produceret mousserende vine, klaret og leveret i samme flaske, som den anden gæring finder sted i, hvilket giver dem den karakteristiske perle. Alle de processer, der er nødvendige for at opnå Jidvei mousserende vin udføres manuelt, hvilket giver den mulighed for at skille sig ud for sin finesse, friskhed og naturlighed. En mindeværdig aften begynder med et glas Jidvei mousserende vin, hvis aromaer af toast, hvide blomster og citrus fremtoner diskret.
Fuld af karakter, skiller Jidvei Extra Dry sig ud for sine fine og vedvarende perle-, blomster- og brødnoter, samt for aromaerne af blomme, pære og citrus. Serveres godt afkølet.

På Vivino har denne vin 3,8.

Går godt sammen med: 🐟 Fisk, Dessert, Skaldyr

Alkohol: 12%

Producent: Jidvei

DOC: Transsylvanien

Druesort: Chardonnay, Pinot Noir, Feteasca Regala

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Jidvei processes over 25 million kg of grapes annually, and the group’s plantations are authorized by O.N.V.P.V. for obtaining wines with controlled designation of origin – D.O.C. In the D.O.C. area Târnave Jidvei. Under the name Jidvei, produces some of the most appreciated Romanian wines and sparkling wines. Their quality is confirmed, year after year, by the medals obtained at prestigious international competitions. Jidvei wines have been awarded over 500 medals in the last 10 years.

Since 1999, the benefits of modern techniques have come to support the valorization of tradition, thanks to investments aimed at optimizing the technological processes in the wineries.

Jidvei has four wineries located in Jidvei, Tăuni, Blaj and Bălcaciu. It is equipped with the best equipment and with an impressive storage capacity of over 35 million liters. In these wineries, thanks to the art of our oenologists, but also to the latest generation equipment and technologies. Jidvei produces, year after year, quality wines that preserve the vocation of the wine-growing area (vine-growing terroir).

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On the territory of Romania, sources and historical testimonies attest to the cultivation of vines since the 5th-1st centuries BC. Herodotus mentioning in his writings that the Geto-Dacians practiced viticulture in the Târnave valleys from ancient times, being renowned winegrowers.

“First place is Romania” is a natural continuation of the “First place is only the first step” campaign, started in 2019. Given the completely exceptional events generated by the Covid-19 pandemic, Jidvei wanted to emphasize the importance of Romanian businesses. To support communities where they come from The message of the campaign is strong and vibrant, because each of us can make tomorrow a better place if we put people and Romania first.

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