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Lacerta Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2014

Lacerta Cabernet Sauvignon Reserva 2014

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Denne cabernet sauvignon er en fyldig vin med 5 års lagring på flaske, den har en højere syrlighed end andre rødvine. Dette har givet den fantastiske rubinfarve og en smuk og kompleks bouquet af mørke skovfrugter. Denne vin tager dig gennem en smagsoplevelse med en lang eftersmag med hints af violer, tobak, fugtig jord og sorte trøfler. 


Smag: Intens smag med hints af violer, tobak og sorte trøfler.

Går godt sammen med: Ideel til vildtretter og steaks. 

Denne vin blev vurderet med 4,0 på Vivino


Alkohol: 13,5%


Producent: Lacerta

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This Cabernet is the perfect expression of evolution after 5 years aging in bottle in our cellar. This grape variety has a higher acidity than other reds wines which helped to develop this great red ruby color, beautiful and complex bouquet of dark forest fruits. It is a full-bodied wine, with hints of violets, tabacco, moist ground and black truffles. It has a long and lingering aftertaste and it is ideal to be served with beef burgers, steaks and game dishes.

The story

South of the Romanian Carpathians, on the same 45th parallel as famous Piemont or Bordeaux, there’s a place with wet springs and long, dry, sunny autumns.

It’s a place where fertile and clean soils are recognized by the small lizards speeding around. If you stop at Dealu Mare to admire the breathtaking beauty of the vineyards and smell the air, you might encounter the living proof of these fine lands for a few seconds, the lizards. In 2011, lizards borrowed their Latin name, to multi-awarded world class wines: LacertA.

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The LacertA winery is the perfect representation of the so-called “new, new world”

Modern, state-of-the-art technology and elegant, rich and silken wines


In the very center of the LacertA vine estate is Dorobantu Manor House, the work of famous architect Ion Mincu. Built in 1901 and completely redecorated in 2005 according to the original plans by its present owners. The Neo-Romanian architectural piece of work watches from above over the surrounding hills.

The welcoming grandeur of the manor invites visitors to see the wine cellar, taste a glass of noble wine and then admire from above one of Romania’s most beautiful vine estates. Visits become an unforgettable experience since the hills rich in vine around the domain offer a peaceful visual feast.

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