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SERVE Terra Romana Chardonnay 2021

SERVE Terra Romana Chardonnay 2021

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Du føler dig fri og let som en sommerdag. I skyggen af et gammelt valnøddetræ er du stoppet op og tager en dyb indånding af den stærke luft, der bringer dig tættere på naturen. Hæld et glas kold Terra Romana Chardonnay 2021 op og lyt til fuglene synge fulde af glæde i din have. Den fine duft af akacieblomst, lime, vanilje og gyldent æble erobrer dig, og du overgiver dig selv til et øjeblik af ro. Du fortjener disse øjeblikke af afslapning. Udnyt denne evighedseliksir, og du vil mærke den sublime smag af ribs, honning, brød, med strejf af vanilje og vilde hasselnødder.
Lys gul-grøn farve med en næse af akacie og limeblomst, vanilje og gyldent æble. Smag af stikkelsbær, honning, brød, vanilje og vilde hasselnødder.

På Vivino har denne vin 3,7

Går godt sammen med: 🐟 Fisk, 🐓 Kylling, 🍚 Risotto

Alkohol: 12,8%

Producent: SERVE

DOC: Dealu Mare

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Collected from the garden

A French proverb says that “We distinguish in the water our own face; but in wine we see the heart of the other”. Especially if it’s a wine like Terra Romana Chardonnay 2021 whose bright color will reveal a new world to you. You will see how the intimate warmth of emotions and the soft and tender character are unleashed in each glass.

Furthermore, in the quiet of your garden, invite your best friend or reconnect with yourself. Discover a better version of yourself or join your path with your soul mate. Whichever variant you choose, the persistent but balanced taste of the Terra Romana Chardonnay 2022 wine will seal your decision. Enjoy it with fish or white meat dishes and fresh cheeses and you will feel the real velvety taste: gooseberries, honey, green apple, hazelnut and vanilla notes. A wonder!

Gently swirl the glass in the summer sunlight and you will notice a smooth, sublime wine that will become your accomplice in quiet moments. Away from prying eyes, enjoy the relaxation and coolness of a Terra Romana Chardonnay 2022, served at 13°-14°C for more flavor. And as befits good nectar, give it time to show its true worth. Leave it for about 8-10 years and the result will be worthy of the reward of the gods.

The quality of this wine, however, is noticeable at any stage due to the fermentation in French wooden barrels. It is a special drink that must be served with skill and care.

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While listening to Santana’s live performance of Soul Sacrifice on the stage of Woodstock in  the summer of 1969, Guy de Poix, then only 14 years old, had an epiphany: he needed to honour his family tradition, but he needed to let his spirit guide him in his pursuits. Guy was the youngest son of the Poix family, a French noble family dating back to the 17th century. With an old tradition in wine, being involved in the ownership of the Piper Heidsieck champagne and owning and managing the Domaine Peraldi in Corsica to this day.


In 1991, after meeting Cristophe George and making sure Domaine Peraldi is in good hands. Guy set out to find what that epiphany he had almost 20 years ago was all about. He arrived in Romania, where he met Mihaela – then Badea, who would immediately become his partner- first in wine, and more than a decade later in life. Together they set out to find what Guy was looking for- with neither of them truly knowing what that was.


On a foggy November evening in 1994, after a disappointing trip to Moldova, driving back to Bucharest Guy was pondering if that vision he had as a teenager was anything more than just a vision. At one point, he saw a sign for Ceptura and remembered they were told in one of their previous trips to Transylvania that they make good wine in Ceptura.  They got off the road and wandered into a winery that, from the outside, looked like any other communist reminiscent winery they’ve been visiting for the past 18 months.  But from the inside.. Guy was clearly interested. It smelled like good wine and it was cleaner than shops he knew in his favourite region- Burgundy.

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