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SERVE Terra Romana Fetească Albă 2019

SERVE Terra Romana Fetească Albă 2019

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For at forstå historien om en vin, skal du først lytte til den, blive venner med den, langsomt bliver du fortrolige, der vil du kende alle dens hemmeligheder, og hvorfor den er så speciel. Terra Romana Feteasca Alba 2019 er som en skattekiste af mysterier. Kompleksiteten kommer fra de fine blomsteraromaer af citron og blomme, understreget af et strejf af vanilje. Men dens særlige finesse understreges af den friske smag af sommerblommer, hvide ferskner og honning.
Terra Romana Feteasca Alba har en fin gylden gul farve, næsen er fine aromaer af citronblomster, hvide blomster, lindeblomster. Vinen har en vedvarende, elegant, sød, afbalanceret smag, med noter af hvid fersken, honning og sommerblommer.

AWC Vienna 2021 – Terra Romana Fetească Albă 2018 – Seal of approval

På Vivino har denne vin 3,5

Går godt sammen med: 🍢 Forretter, 🐟 Fisk

Alkohol: 12,5%

Producent: SERVE

DOC: Dealu Mare

Druesort: Feteasca Alba

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In their journey, from the Dealu Mare vineyard to the French wooden barrels, the grapes have left a page of the great story that makes up this wine. Sip by sip you will travel through lands of mystery and pages of contemporary history.

And what a taste! Fresh flavors of summer plums, white peaches and honey blend in perfect harmony to stimulate your taste buds and thirst for knowledge. But don’t leave them without adding baked chicken or turkey, lean fish or a white mushroom stew. Only by trying such wonders will you truly understand the secrets of this assortment of wine.

And there’s something else, Terra Romana Fetească Albă 2019 will envelop you in a delicate, floral scent. Imagine a nursery of lemon and plum blossoms, over which hints of vanilla waft. Say it too now, does it sound good or very good?

We can now tell you only one of the mysteries of this wine. It must be served at a temperature of 12°-13°C. That’s the only way he can harness the full magic he’s capable of.

We challenge you! Enjoy a glass of wine as young as your spirit, but which through aging will conquer all, arousing their admiration.

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While listening to Santana’s live performance of Soul Sacrifice on the stage of Woodstock in  the summer of 1969, Guy de Poix, then only 14 years old, had an epiphany: he needed to honour his family tradition, but he needed to let his spirit guide him in his pursuits. Guy was the youngest son of the Poix family, a French noble family dating back to the 17th century. With an old tradition in wine, being involved in the ownership of the Piper Heidsieck champagne and owning and managing the Domaine Peraldi in Corsica to this day.

In 1991, after meeting Cristophe George and making sure Domaine Peraldi is in good hands. Guy set out to find what that epiphany he had almost 20 years ago was all about. He arrived in Romania, where he met Mihaela – then Badea, who would immediately become his partner- first in wine, and more than a decade later in life. Together they set out to find what Guy was looking for- with neither of them truly knowing what that was.

On a foggy November evening in 1994, after a disappointing trip to Moldova, driving back to Bucharest Guy was pondering if that vision he had as a teenager was anything more than just a vision. At one point, he saw a sign for Ceptura and remembered they were told in one of their previous trips to Transylvania that they make good wine in Ceptura.  They got off the road and wandered into a winery that, from the outside, looked like any other communist reminiscent winery they’ve been visiting for the past 18 months.  But from the inside.. Guy was clearly interested. It smelled like good wine and it was cleaner than shops he knew in his favourite region- Burgundy.

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