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Special Reserve Pinot Noir

Special Reserve Pinot Noir

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Denne vin har, med sin intense rubinfarve, en dominerende duft af friske, saftige røde frugter samt behagelige vegetabilske fornemmelser af tobaksblade – definitionen af elegancen i dens sort. Duften suppleres med en aroma af kaffe og mørk chokolade. Vinen er en tør og varm vin, som er blød for smagsløgene, hvor de røde frugter dominerer de andre fornemmelser, og de fine og bløde tanniner vedvarer behageligt i eftersmagen. 

Princiar sortimentet er født af kendskabet fra vinproducenterne fra Domeniile Tohani, for at genskabe charmen fra simplere tiders ferier. 

De frembringer noter af godt humør og glæde ind i glassene, gennem en frugtagtig og blomstret aroma eller gennem friskheden, som er det mest oprigtige udtryk for de druesorter hvorfra de er fremstillet.

Smag: Saftige røde frugter samt en aroma af kaffe og chokolade.

Går godt sammen med:🧀 Modnet ost og🐂Rødt kød

Alkohol: 12%-13,5%

Producent: Domeniile Tohani


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Wine has been made at Tohani for over two centuries. A unique terroir, people who know and love the vine for generations and the passion for wine have marked the history of this blessed place. And the last decades have brought to Tohani’s evolution bold dreams, achievements to measure and wines worthy of Romania’s exceptional potential in this field.

This is why, in the contemporary era, event wines such as APOGEUM – the wine that earned Tohani the reputation of “home to Feteasca Neagră”, or creative wines such as Principele Radu, Siel, Wine Chocolate or Maestro – were born in Tohani. Also preserved here is the only wine cellar in the area, which houses over 100,000 bottles of collectible wines, the source of future great surprises for wine lovers.

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Over the years, Tohani wines have enjoyed a special appreciation in Romania and abroad. All of them are wines created from the passion, inspiration and genius of people who know how to feel the land, the vineyard and all the natural blessings of Dealu Mare, and turn them into living wines, in which the spirit of the place and the people of Tohani live.


The Tohani mansion was the place where Prince Nicolae and Ioana Doletti lived the happiest period of their lives. Since then, all those who have chosen to stop at Tohani – for a while or for life – have known and felt the passion that this place inspires in people. In Crama Apogeum we keep the original page from the civil status register, where the signatures of the bride and groom appear.

1948 – Tohani becomes state property

In 1948, the Tohani Domains became state property and in the following years, through an association with specialists from the Bordeaux area, France, the winery was built, preserved to this day as a place to visit and a museum. The only wine cellar in the area is preserved here, which houses over 100,000 bottles of collectible wines.

2000 – Tohani once again becomes a landmark in the creation of wines

In the 2000s, the company is privatized and undergoes an extensive modernization process. The construction of a new factory with cutting-edge technology, a new infrastructure, the replanting of vines on important areas. This is the beginning of the modern period, when the Tohani team is joined by the oenologist from South Africa, Albertus Van Der Merwe, bringing to Tohani the air of the new world, which perfectly complements the tradition and skill of the Romanian oenologists.
In 2012, Tohani Romania became a supplier to the Royal House of Romania, a recognition of the quality and values that were the basis of the company’s evolution towards the status of wine creator.

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